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User Data Backup


Users generally can save their work data onto the USP PC that they have been assigned. However, saving work onto the PC does not guarantee backup of the data. For all users, IT Services recommends the following:

USB drive/Memory stick/Flash disk/Portable Hard Drive

IT Services recommends use of a USB drive for the initial backup of your important work.

Generally, USB drives are used for the transportation of documents/data from machine to machine, not necessarily for permanent storage. For example, you are going on leave & wish to take some of your working documents with you so you can continue to work on them on your PC at home, a USB drive would be ideal for this, similarly if you want to take some documents to be printed on a computer with access to printer, a USB drive will do the job.


As a general rule, this type of media would be used for more permanent storage of data. Although the acronyms may be confusing, their uses are pretty handy:

         DVD-R = DVD Recordable

         DVD-RW = DVD Re-Writeable

Now most, if not all, DVD-R/RW disks come in 4GB capacities. Although this can be a confusing issue, I will clarify:

Disk media:

         DVD-R: is like an empty glass, as you fill it with data, the glass begins to fill up until it can take no more (normally at around the 4GB mark).

         DVD-RW: works almost exactly as the DVD-R, but when the glass is full, you can always empty it and start filling the glass again.

Disk drives:

         DVD drive: will read DVDís ONLY.

         DVD-R drive: will read DVDs, and write to both DVD-R & DVD-RW disks, but will not erase the DVD-RW if required

         DVD-RW drive: will read DVDs, and write to both DVD-R & DVD-RW disk, & can erase the DVD-RW if required

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