Information Technology Services

Email Services - Service Levels

Services Description

Support of the server and client software components for:

         USP e-mail and calendaring tools Service description



         Monitor and maintain the integrity of USP e-mail systems

         Maintain Outlook software

         Maintain Outlook web interfaces

         Maintain anti-SPAM tools

         Investigate and recommend new technologies to address ongoing client and USP requirements

         Training (on request contact the Service Desk)

Service Characteristics

         Ongoing service that is renegotiated annually.


Services Availability

         All Systems: 24 x 7


Support Hours

         M - F: 0830 1630*

Scheduled Maintenance Window

         Every Saturday, 1800 2400

         Starting on the Friday before the scheduled Maintenance window, notices regarding down times will be announced to USP.

Services Level Objectives

Service Level Metric:

         All systems: 99%*

         Note The calculation of availability and up time excludes the scheduled maintenance window.


Users of the Service


All USP students have USP accounts automatically generated when they first register for a USP course.


All staff are eligible for the following:

USP e-mail (automatically generated upon hire)

All part-time teaching staff

All part-time teaching staff are eligible for the following:

USP e-mail (automatically generated upon hire)

Tenants and other non-USP groups (e.g. Student Association and Unions):

         Support will be provided as outlined in a separate Service Level Agreement.

         Not included: Outlook desktop software access on non-USP equipment


Business processes enabled by this service

This service supports electronic communication via e-mail and scheduling via calendar tools for the USP community.

Users Role

Contact the Service Desk to report problems with USP email system

         Clients must ensure adherence to all USP email policies.

         Each client is responsible to manage their e-mail and calendar according to the guidelines of Records Management

         Customers are expected to adhere to published Best Practices and product utilization recommendations from IT Services.


How to access the service?

USP Outlook Web Access:

         USP e-mail is accessed from the outlook web access address from any computer (on or off campus) with internet access (

         To login use your USP username. USP accounts are automatically generated for students when they apply for a USP ID number and for new staff when they are entered into the USP Human Resources system. Contact the Service Desk if you do not have a password for your account.


         Outlook e-mail and calendars are accessed via outlook client on USP imaged office computers on the main campuses

         Outlook can also be accessed anywhere (on or off campus) via the web using the Outlook web interface. (

Anti-Spam Tools:

         Every external e-mail is scanned by our anti-spam tool, prior to delivery to Microsoft Outlook. Some e-mail may be placed on hold (in quarantine) if deemed to be a highly probable spam message. Other e-mail may be delivered with a spam flag inserted in its subject to alert you that it may be spam.




Staff & Students

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