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Internet Services FAQ

I can access the USP Website but cannot access external websites?

There are two possible causes:

  • The proxy settings for your Internet Browser have not been set up properly. All external websites must go through a proxy server to enable them to access external websites. Please contact the helpdesk to configure your proxy settings on the internet browser
  • Staff and students should check their internet quota in case it has been all used

How much internet quota am I allocated monthly?






Internet Quota





If my internet research are educational and I have used up my internet quota, can USP help?

  • Please contact the helpdesk and they will top your internet quota

I tried accessing a certain website but it is blocked, What do I do?

  • The website you want can be unblocked by clicking on the little push button "Please Give Me Access". Once this  is selected, it will request you to type in your e-mail username and password and a brief     description of the reason as to why you would like access to the site. After the form is completed and submitted, the site that you have requested will be unblocked once it has been processed. Normally this should be within the 30 minutes. Once the website is unblocked it becomes available for everyone.
  • Students cannot submit request to unblock, instead you will be required to send a request to the student Helpdesk via email helpdesk(at)

How can check my Internet Quota?


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